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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose arenaarena?

Arena’s predictive insights have enabled hiring managers to identify committed job candidates and decrease turnover rates. One of the nation’s largest post-acute care providers, reduced ‘new hire turnover’ by 28% by leveraging Arena Analytics.

How does Arena use big data?

Using big data and predictive analytics, Arena identifies the candidates who will best impact your organization and are most likely to thrive in a specific role, department, and location. As our platform gathers more data from your organization, it becomes more accurate and improves your specific outcomes while you sleep.

Who uses Arena analytics?

Not a match of game-play behaviors between employer-selected long-time employees and applicants Hospitals, Senior Living Providers, and Hospitality businesses leverage Arena Analytics at over 1,200 sites. We leverage bias-fighting algorithms that measure and mitigate bias.

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