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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is area code 713 location?

Area code 713 is a Southeastern Texas area code that covers Houston and its surrounding areas. Area code 713 overlays the area codes of 832 and 281.

What is area code 713 located?

Area Code 713 Information. North American area code 713 is a state of Texas telephone area code which serve the Houston area. Area code 713 was one of the original area codes established in October, 1947.

What are the area codes for Texas?

Texas is currently using twenty-seven area codes. Texas is utilizing six area code overlay plans, often called overlay complexes. Texas recently implemented the new area code 346 as an overlay of area codes 832, 713 and 281.

What is Houston area code?

Area Codes for Houston, Texas. There are several area codes actively in use in the Houston metropolitan area, including: 281, 713, 832. These area codes cover Houston proper as well as most of Harris County towns and parts of several surrounding counties, including Galveston, Liberty, Fort Bend, and Brazoria, among others.

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