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Frequently Asked Questions

What are synonyms for apply?

Synonyms for Apply: n. v. •appeal (verb) appeal, accost, supplicate, address, beg, plead, petition, request, entice, implore, invite, beseech, entreat, solicit, approach, greet, buttonhole.

What is the synonym for Applied?

Synonyms for Applied: adj. •applied (adjective) employed, Exerted, utilitarian, conducted, Operated, functioned, practiced, practical, used, utilized, Exercised, Served, useful. •used (adjective) enforced, related, activated, adapted, Exercised, tested, adjusted, utilized, practiced, devoted.

What is another word for Applied?

Another word for applied. applied. modif. used, employed, related, correlated, enforced, practiced, utilized, brought to bear, adapted, shaped, exercised, devoted, tested, adjusted, activated. practical, pragmatic, utilitarian, practicable; see practical.

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