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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Apple Fitness+?

For Apple Watch, you can find Fitness+ Audio Workouts in the Workout app and Fitness+ Audio Meditations in the Mindfulness app. For iPad, the Fitness app is available for iPhone or Apple Watch users to download from the App Store. The Fitness app is also available on Apple TV. Does Apple Fitness+ offer all levels of fitness? Yes.

How does Apple Fitness+ work?

Apple Fitness+ offers intelligent recommendations for workouts based on the things you typically do with the Workout app on Apple Watch, as well as your favorite apps that work with the Health app. Fitness+ even suggests new trainers and workouts to help you round out your routine.

What types of workouts does Apple Fitness+ Support?

Apple Fitness+ supports 12 workout types, including: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Yoga, Core, Pilates, Strength, Treadmill (Walk or Run), Cycling, Rowing, Dance, Kickboxing, and Mindful Cooldown. Video and audio Meditations are also offered as part of the service.

How do I get personalized workout recommendations on Apple Fitness+?

If you haven't already, subscribe to Apple Fitness+. If you’ve completed at least three Fitness+ workouts, your personalized recommendations will be at the top of the app. If you don't see personalized recommendations, you can still find and filter workouts. On your iPhone, open the Fitness app and tap the Fitness+ tab.

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