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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Apple Genius Bar?

The Apple Genius Bar is a dedicated tech support service in Apple's retail stores. Customers experiencing problems with products or applications can make an appointment for one-on-one assistance with an expert. Experts have multiple certification levels to best assist customers. How do I cancel a Genius Bar appointment?

How do I schedule an appointment with the Genius Bar?

Make a Genius Bar reservation at your favorite Apple Store and get help from an Apple expert. There are many service providers that Apple trusts with support. Bring your device to one near you.

Can you repair a phone at the Genius Bar?

The Genius Bar does have to send your device off for some larger repairs and for computer screen repairs. Most basic phone repairs such as battery or screen replacements can be done in-store and returned to you the same day. What Can You Repair at Home Without an Apple Appointment?

What is the red phone behind the Genius Bar?

The "Red Telephone" sometimes seen behind the Genius Bar was a direct line to Apple product specialists, allowing for problems and questions too complicated for the in-store employees to answer. [2] As of August 2009, this phone is no longer installed in newer Apple Retail Stores and removed in others. [3]

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