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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cite book in APA style?

Notes: When citing a book in APA, keep in mind: Capitalize the first letter of the first word of the title and any subtitles, as well as the first letter of any proper nouns. The full title of the book, including any subtitles, should be stated and italicized.

How do you create an APA citation?

When you reference a source within an APA style paper; whether it is using a direct quote, repurposing an image, or simply referring to an idea or theory, you should: Insert an in-text citation (the author’s surname and the date of publication within parentheses) straight after a direct quote

How do you reference a book APA style?

Basic citations in APA style list the book's information in following order: Author's last name, author's first (and middle, if applicable) initial. (Year of publication). Book title: Subtitle (with the first letter of both title and subtitle capitalized). Location of publication: Publisher.

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