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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the antonym for lost?

lost(adj) incapable of being recovered or regained. "his lost honor". Antonyms: orientated, recovered(p), redeemed, ransomed, unperplexed, recoverable, comprehensible, saved, rescued, comprehendible, oriented, reclaimed, found, salvageable, won, blessed, hopeful, thoughtless.

What does 'loss' mean in the phrase "at a loss"?

The idiom "at a loss" is used to mean that someone does not know how to respond to something. It is most classically seen in the phrase "at a loss for words," which indicates that a person could not think of anything to say.

What is the verb for loss?

verb (used without object), lost, los·ing. to suffer loss: to lose on a contract. to suffer defeat or fail to win, as in a contest, race, or game: We played well, but we lost. to depreciate in effectiveness or in some other essential quality: a classic that loses in translation.

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