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Frequently Asked Questions

What does anthem stand for?

ANTHEM stands for Advanced Natural Language Interface for Multilingual Text Generation in Healthcare. Suggest new definition. This definition appears very rarely and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Information technology (IT) and computers. Organizations, NGOs, schools, universities, etc.

What is the best anthem in the world?

World’s ‘best’ national anthem. The buzz on the Internet is that Jana Gana Mana, the Indian national anthem, has been declared as the world’s best national anthem by Unesco.

What is the mission of anthem?

Anthem sees mission as a way in which we live our life. Stated in the most simple of terms, mission is each believer’s invitation and mandate to be sent, to join God in His operation to redeem humankind. God has literally sent each and every follower of Christ on a mission of reconciliation and redemption.

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