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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an answeranswers in Genesis?

Answers in Genesis messages promote central young-Earth creationist doctrines, including the concepts of literal Creation of the Earth in six 24-hour days and effects of a global flood. Still, they focus mainly on accepting the authority of their particular literal reading of the Bible as a precondition for eternity in heaven.

What is the abbreviation for answers in Genesis?

For other uses, see AIG (disambiguation). Answers in Genesis ( AiG) is an American fundamentalist Christian apologetics parachurch organization. It advocates Young Earth creationism on the basis of its literal, historical-grammatical interpretation of the Book of Genesis and the Bible as a whole.

What happened to answers in Genesis?

Answers in Genesis resulted from the merging of two Australian creationist organizations in 1980, one led by John Mackay and Ken Ham and the other by Carl Wieland. The organization later become known as Answers in Genesis. Following turmoil in 2005, the AiG network split in 2006.

Who are the critics of answers in Genesis?

In direct response to AiG, No Answers in Genesis is a website maintained by members of the Australian Skeptics and retired civil servant John Stear for the purpose of rebutting claims made by AiG. Astronomer Hugh Ross 's organization Reasons To Believe, a progressive creationist organization, is a critic of Answers in Genesis.

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