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Frequently Asked Questions

What does anhydrous mean?

The definition of anhydrous is without water. Gaseous ammonia and gaseous hydrogen chloride are examples of anhydrous substances. Having little or no water. (chemistry) Having no water of crystallization.

How much does anhydrous ammonia cost per acre?

How much does anhydrous ammonia cost per acre? Anhydrous ammonia prices averaged $512 per ton in August 2018 and $496 in September 2018. These 2018 prices were above 2017 prices. The August 2018 price is $62 per ton higher than the July 2017 price of $450 per ton.

What is the definition of anhydrous form?

That is to say, anhydrous matter is prepared or used as a form with no water, and specifically the form of a chemical without water of crystallization.

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