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Frequently Asked Questions

What is anatomy for sculptors?

Now the Anatomy for Sculptors handbooks are bestsellers among visual artists striving to better understand the human form. Anatomy for Sculptors is the artistic branch of Anatomy Next Inc., an ed-tech startup that uses clear and reliable 3D anatomy models to create empowering education tools for artists and medical students.

What kind of pictures are in the book Anatomy in Arts?

Most pictures in the book are self-explanatory. The book author is a sculptor with more than 25-year experience and a professor of Anatomy in Arts Academy. However, this book has moved beyond one art style. Digital arts, CGI, Character art, 2D and 3D, traditional sculpting, and many more.

Why are anatomy books so popular among artists?

All the anatomy books for artists at the time were text-centered, and his reference sketches soon became popular among colleagues – it became clear that visual artists soak up information best when it’s visual.

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