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Frequently Asked Questions

Is among us a dead game?

No, Among Us isn’t dead. While the game has lost some of its player base, it is quite a natural occurrence as the video game world moves from one game onto the other one in the blink of an eye. While there are still several players who log into Among Us and play the game, it sure still is as fun and awesome as ever before.

Does among us cost money?

Despite being a free game, Among us has continued to make money because of its viable business model. The various sources of revenue include: Although the mobile versions of the game are free, the PC version is available on Steam, which charges a one-time purchasing fee of $5.

Is among us safe for kids to play?

What Age is Among Us For? Children of any age can play the game. However, children under 13 years old require parental permission to create accounts and not use Free Chat. The availability of Quick Chat to such children and the violent nature of the game makes parents consider is Among Us safe for seven-year-olds.

Is among us free game?

Among Us is a free space-themed game currently free on iOS & Android devices. Players join teams as Crewmates and dress as armless astronauts as they complete tasks & missions around a virtual map. It’s all very friendly with peaceful Kumbaya vibes and ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ energy.

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