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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life cycle of an amoeba?

However, the actual life cycle of an amoeba is on the order of a few days to a few months to perhaps a year or more. For example, Taylor (1952) reports that the life cycle of Amoeba hugonis is two months and that A. villosa reach adulthood in two or three months.

Does Amoeba have ribosomes?

The origin of cytoplasmic RNA and ribosomes was studied in Amoeba proteus by transplantation of a radioactive nucleus into an unlabeled cell followed by examination of the cytoplasm of the recipient for the presence of label. When a RNA-labeled nucleus was used, label appeared in the ribosomes, ribosomal RNA, and soluble RNA.

Is mitosis and meiosis the same thing?

Both mitosis and meiosis are associated with cytokinesis. The end result of both are daughter cells produced from a parent cell. The fundamental sequence of events in mitosis is the same as in meiosis (in meiosis it happens twice).

Who are the amoeba sisters?

TEACHING EXPERIENCE The Amoeba Sisters are two sisters on a mission to demystify science with humor and relevance by creating videos, GIFs, handouts, and comics. Pinky has been in public school education for 12 years, and her experience spans across three different public school districts in Texas.

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