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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amoeba Records closing in San Francisco?

Amoeba Records product manager Tony Green inside the store on Haight Street in San Francisco on April 6, 2021. “We were very concerned going into December,” he said. That’s when the city entered its second stay-at-home order, forcing the store to close for another month.

What is Amoeba Music of Berkeley?

Whether you're a collector, a DJ, a friend or a fan, a musician, an old soul or a free spirit, your doorway to this musical world is the original Amoeba Music of Berkeley! In 1997 Amoeba Music crossed the Bay to open its San Francisco location, in a converted bowling alley at the eastern edge of Golden Gate Park.

How do I contact amoeba Hollywood?

Or you may call the store to discuss your collection with a buyer. For Amoeba Hollywood, please call (323) 245-6400, San Francisco (415) 831-1200 and Berkeley (510) 549-1125. We will even consider trips out of state for the truly special larger collections.

What is Amoeba SF?

Amoeba SF is a meeting place where musicians, DJs, collectors and artists of all kinds can get together and stay up on the scene. Our store reflects the progressive spirit of the city -- we support rainforest conservation, recycling, and a whole host of good causes including raising money to help rebuild New Orleans.

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