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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Amoeba Records reopening in Hollywood?

Amoeba Records will reopen on at its new location on Hollywood Boulevard Thursday, April 1 after closing due to the pandemic, and losing the lease on its former Hollywood location. (Photo by Michael Owen Baker, contributing photographer)

How do I get to Amoeba?

From surface streets, you can access Amoeba via Hollywood Blvd and cross streets (from the south) Argyle and El Centro, and (from the north) Argyle and Gower. WHAT PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IS THE BEST TO GET TO YOU?

What happened to Amoeba?

But inside Amoeba, which closed abruptly due to the pandemic and then saw its plans for a fall reopening stuck like a needle skipping on a scratched record, a gleaming new palace of music, books, movies, and merchandise awaited the shoppers to come.

What happened to Amoeba Music on Sunset Boulevard?

Despite a planned summer-long celebration to officially say goodbye to its orignal location, Amoeba Music will not be able to reopen its store on Sunset Blvd. due to the coronavirus global pandemic. The new location, which is just a few blocks away, is still scheduled to open sometime in the fall.

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