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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Amoeba Records in Hollywood going to be demolished?

HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) - Popular music store Amoeba Music will be demolished and replaced with an apartment complex, but the store plans to reopen nearby with new additions to their merchandise.

What are facts about amoeba?

Interesting Facts About Amoeba The name amoeba is derived from the Greek word ‘amoibe’, which means ‘to change’. The amoeba was first discovered in 1757 by August Johann Rösel von Rosenhof. Amoeba is a unicellular organism. The amoeba moves by constantly changing its body shape.

What is the biggest amoeba?

The Giant Amoeba, the world's biggest amoeba. You can't beat the genus name attached to the giant amoeba: "Chaos," which presumably refers to this single-celled organism's constant undulations, as well as the fact that it harbors literally hundreds of separate nuclei in its cytoplasm.

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