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Frequently Asked Questions

How do amoebas eat?

Amoebas eat using their pseudopodia. They can eat bacteria, algae or fungal cells. Some even eat small worms. Amoebas engulf a bit of prey by surrounding it with their pseudopodia.

How do amoeba hack into algae?

An Orciraptor agilis amoeba slurps up the innards of an algal cell. More recently, he discovered clues to how these two amoeboflagellates hack into algae. Both seem to get help from a protein called actin (AK-tin). Human cells use the same protein to move. In amoeboflagellates, actin forms a mesh. It helps the cell make a pseudopod.

What did the amoeba do to the algal cell?

The amoeba squeezed inside. Then it ate the alga’s innards. Afterward, the amoeba divided and made copies of itself. Those were the wiggling green spheres that Hess had seen earlier. The new amoebas punched more holes in the algal cell.

Why do amoebas carry bacteria?

Scientists call the bacteria-carrying amoebas “farmers.” Researchers suspect that when the amoebas reach a new home, they spit the food bacteria out into the soil. Those bacteria then divide to make more bacteria. It’s like the amoebas are carrying seeds and planting them to grow more food.

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