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Frequently Asked Questions

What does amicable means?

Amicable, which derives from Late Latin amicabilis, meaning "friendly," is one of a set of English words used to suggest cordial relationships. Amicable, neighborly, companionable, and friendly all mean marked by or exhibiting goodwill and an absence of antagonism.

What are synonyms for amicable?

Synonyms of amicable. bonhomous, buddy-buddy, chummy, collegial, companionable, comradely, cordial, friendly, genial, hail-fellow, hail-fellow-well-met, hearty, matey [chiefly British], neighborly, palsy, palsy-walsy [slang], warm, warmhearted.

What is the difference between affable and amiable?

As adjectives the difference between affable and amicable is that affable is receiving others kindly and conversing with them in a free and friendly manner; friendly, courteous, sociable while amicable is showing friendliness or goodwill.

What does Amical mean?

"AMICAL is an international consortium of American-model, liberal arts institutions of higher learning located outside the United States.

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