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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alfie Kohn's strategy for authentic motivation?

Strategies for authentic motivation, according to Alfie Kohn, include a. communicating to employees the company viewpoint. b. setting goals and explaining to employees the outcomes if goals are not achieved. c. focusing on what the employee is doing wrong and how that affects the company.

How did Alfie Kohn change the world?

Alfie Kohn has been at the forefront of both the parenting and educational field for many years. His contributions have brought about many changes in parenting, education, and management skills. Alfie Kohn revolutionized the parenting world when he introduced the concept of Unconditional Parenting.

What is Alfie Kohn's view on rewards and punishment?

Alfie Kohn has made many valuable contributions to the field of parenting, but his views on rewards and punishment are among the most debated. The premise is that rewarding our children for "good" behavior and punishing them for "bad" behavior teaches them that they are loved only when they please us.

Did Alfie Kohn invent Unconditional Parenting?

But, unconditional parenting wasn't a completely new idea. In fact, Kohn used Carl Rogers Unconditional Positive Regard as a springboard for many of his theories. But, until Alfie Kohn's ideas took the world by storm, child-centered parenting was considered to be permissive and indulgent.

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