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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact AIG insurance company?

General Contact Info. AIG Direct 9640 Granite Ridge Drive, Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92123 (858) 309-3000. American General Life Insurance Policy Owners Assistance. Manage Your Life Insurance Policy: Pay a Bill, Make a Claim, Change Beneficiary and more. 1-844-452-3832.

How do I get a replacement check from AIG?

Contact Equiniti Trust Company, AIG’s transfer agent, at 888-899-8293 and request that the checks be replaced. I need to know how to calculate my cost basis for my shares of AIG common stock?

Is there paperless billing available for AIG Life Insurance?

Not available on all products. You can sign up for paperless billing for your AIG Life Insurance policy in just four clicks. Forms can be downloaded, printed, completed, signed (as applicable) and faxed or mailed per the form instructions. To expedite the process, some items can be completed online.

What is the fair market value of AIG warrants?

AIG used $16.29 as the fair market value of each warrant and reported the distribution of the warrants as a non-dividend distribution.

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