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Frequently Asked Questions

How to file an affidavit of service?

The Affidavit must be signed by the server in front of a notary public. After the Affidavit of Service is done, it must be filed with the Court. Proof that legal papers were delivered must always be given to the Court. If the case has started already, the original Affidavit of Service is filed when the original legal papers are given to the Court.

Does an affidavit of service need to be notarized?

Generally, an affidavit or certificate of service by mail does not need to be notarized. Affidavit of Service Form Typically prepared by the process server, an affidavit of service form is often an official court form that can be obtained from the court clerk or various online sources. The document usually includes the following information:

When is an affidavit of service required in New York?

For example, state courts require an affidavit of service in New York whenever legal papers are delivered in a lawsuit. An affidavit of service is required in state and federal courts, and is most often needed when there is an exchange of important documents between the parties. This can include: A Summons: an order to appear in court

What happens after an affidavit of publication is filed?

After publication, an affidavit of publication, rather than an affidavit of service, is filed. Once the defendant is served and files some form of response to the complaint, both parties have their addresses and other contact information on record with the court.

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