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Frequently Asked Questions

What does adjustment mean?

Billed Charges: This is the total amount charged directly to either you or your insurance provider. Adjustment: This is the amount the healthcare provider has agreed not to charge. Insurance Payments: The amount your health insurance provider has already paid. Patient Payments: The amount you are responsible to pay.

What is the definition of adjustment?

Define adjustment. adjustment synonyms, adjustment pronunciation, adjustment translation, English dictionary definition of adjustment. n. 1. The act of adjusting or the state of being adjusted. 2. A means of adjusting. 3. Settlement of a debt or claim. 4. A modification, fluctuation, or...

How to use adjustment?

Using Adjustment Layers. There are two ways to use an adjustment layer. You can use it by itself to make uniform changes to an entire photo, or you can create it as a layer mask and select only a portion of the photo to work on. Suppose you are working on a photo that includes a brilliant sunset, but the subjects are slightly too dark.

What are synonyms for adjustment?

synonyms for adjustment Compare Synonyms alteration arrangement improvement modification readjustment regulation acclimation acclimatization balancing conformance fitting fixing mending ordering organization orientation redress regulating setting shaping standardization turning correcting organizing repairing See also synonyms for: adjustments

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