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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add an API to Google Sheets?

Click Untitled project, type Quickstart, and click Rename. Open the Apps Script project. Click Editor code. Next to Services, click Add a service add . Select Google Sheets API and click Add. In the Apps Script editor, click Run. The first time you run the sample, it prompts you to authorize access:

How to create a Google Apps Script?

Step 1. Know which type of Google Apps the apps script is running on Step 2. Open your file and initiate script editor Step 3. Add the apps script Step 4. Run the script now

How does Apps Script interact with Google Sheets?

Apps Script can interact with Google Sheets in two broad ways: any script can create or modify a spreadsheet if the script's user has appropriate permissions for the spreadsheet, and a script can also be bound to a spreadsheet, which gives the script special abilities to alter the user interface or respond when the spreadsheet is opened.

What are add-ons in Google Sheets?

Add-ons are specially packaged Apps Script projects that run inside Google Sheets and can be installed from the Google Sheets add-on store. If you've developed a script for Google Sheets and want to share it with the world, Apps Script lets you publish your script as an add-on so other users can install it from the add-on store.

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