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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ABCya blocked?

The CIPA guidelines require schools to block students’ access to “inappropriate matter on the internet” which includes obscene and pornographic content. Securly web filtering solution helps to ensure that all such content is blocked.

What happened to Wheely on ABCya?

Wheely and his girlfriend Jolie went on a picnic. They were having a good time, until something unexpected happened! A UFO lands one of the aliens inside needs a component to be able to fly back to space.. In Wheely 8 you have to help him to get back to his beloved Jolie! Have fun with this sequel of Wheely 7!

Is duck life on ABCya?

Abcya duck life treasure. Visit the fuzz cut salon. The most popular ducklings on earth are back in the spin off to the best selling game, duck life. Collect coins and purchase upgrades to help your duck become world champion.

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