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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a discount with AAA membership?

With the AAA Premier Membership you can get 200 miles of towing, free emergency fuel and delivery, member-only discounts, free car rental with a tow, and so much more. Sign up for an AAA membership to unlock exclusive member-only discounts at top stores across the US.

Are AAA memberships worth the money?

So, if you travel a lot, then an AAA membership could really be worth it for you. Enjoy exclusive discounts: Members get access to a ton of different discounts on everything from hotels to restaurants. According to AAA, members save an average of $101 per year just from discounts.

Do you offer discount for AAA members?

Do you offer AAA members a discount? We offer a special discount for AAA members. Flash your membership card to receive $3 off each admission ticket up to 4 guests.Please check our Facebook page and local media for future discount announcements. Discounts are only valid when purchasing standard full-price tickets at the door.

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