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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AAA have good auto insurance?

Auto insurance bottom line: AAA auto insurance, in places where it's available, tends to be affordable with good benefits and solid discounts. Drivers who already have or are interested in a membership may be able to find a good rate, but you may find a better deal elsewhere if you're in a different auto club.

Is AAA home insurance any good?

Nevertheless, AAA remains a good choice for home insurance, especially for those looking for additional savings through mult-policy discounts. With 115 years of experience in the industry, AAA offers members vast insurance expertise backed by their excellent financial strength and long-term issuer creditworthiness.

Is AAA Insurance expensive?

AAA car insurance is very expensive because of its multiple advantages. It offers various discounts, Loan or lease gap coverage, and a robust mobile app. Besides, it also has a great range of coverages including liability coverage, bodily injury, collision, vehicle injury, damages, medical payments, etc.

How much is AAA Auto Insurance?

Annual AAA car insurance costs are generally a bit cheaper than average. Prices range from $500 to $1,000 or more per year, and costs depend on your vehicle, the type of insurance products you need, credit score, recent insurance claims, and more.

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