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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word content mean?

Content word. Content words are usually open class words, meaning new ones are easily added to the language. In relation to English phonology, content words adhere to the minimal word constraint of being no shorter than 2 morae long (i.e., a minimum length of 2 light syllables or one heavy syllable), while function words do not.

What is the definition of content?

Definition of content (Entry 1 of 4) 1 a : something contained —usually used in plural the jar's contents the drawer's contents b : the topics or matter treated in a written work table of contents

What is a word for content?

In English grammar and semantics, a content word is a word that conveys information in a text or speech act. Also known as a lexical word, lexical morpheme, substantive category, or contentive.

What are synonyms for content?

Synonyms for Contents: n. • elements, filling, substance, details, text, matter, ingredients, content. Other synonyms: • capacity, annex, footer, ingredients, markup, insertion. • contain, heading, footnote, index, jar, content, accommodate, paragraph, amendment.

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