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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the iMac come out in the US?

November 2008 - October 2018. Originally released in 1998 with its most recent redesign in 2012, the iMac ($1,099 and up from the Apple Store) started life as Apple’s fun all-in-one computer, evolving into a more serious “right for practically everyone” option over time.

What is the thinnest size of an iMac?

While the thinnest point measures 5mm, there’s still a bulge in the back to accommodate the iMac’s internals and cooling system. In 2015, the iMac was upgraded with a Retina display upgrade option. In March of 2019, Apple released a minor upgrade to the 4K and 5K iMac lineup.

Will there be a 27-inch iMac in 2022?

The iMac saw a big redesign in 2021, with Apple unveiling the colorful new 24-inch iMac back in April. Looking ahead to 2022, however, there is still a lot of focus on the iMac, particularly as the 27-inch iMac awaits its turn to transition away from Intel chips to Apple Silicon.

When was the last time Apple updateed the iMac?

Apple last updated the regular iMac in September 2013, but in mid-2014 introduced a minor update to the 21.5-inch iMac offering MacBook Air-quality chips at a more affordable price point.

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