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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Smoke finally thinning in Denver?

Denver Weather: The Smoke Is Finally Thinning, Plan On Seeing The Mountains Again! DENVER (CBS4) – After more than a week with unhealthy wildfire smoke mainly from California causing bad air, improvement will start Thursday and by Friday afternoon the smoke may no longer be noticeable.

Could Saturday be Denver's worst day for air quality this summer?

DENVER — If you think this week's air quality was rough, wait until what Saturday brings in. Denver could experience its worst air quality by far so far this summer on Saturday, as a huge plume of wildfire smoke from California moves into Colorado and the Front Range on Saturday morning.

Will Denver See Clear Skies on Sunday due to smoke?

Visibility in Denver will be “extremely poor” Sunday due to the smoke, the state health agency said. Much of the state is dealing with the wildfire smoke, not just the Front Range, Mensch added. And it’ll likely be a few days before residents can expect to see clear skies again.

Does Colorado have a smoke problem?

The smoke problem in Colorado not only includes all the fires burning here, but also from all the states west. The 2nd & 3rd largest fires in California history are simultaneously burning, right now.

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