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Frequently Asked Questions

When does 99 Ranch Market open in Quincy?

More specifically, 99 Ranch Market will be in the heart of Quincy, the largest city in Norfolk County. The store’s grand opening is set for Saturday, January 18, 2020, at 9 am at the cross streets of Hancock Street and Newport Ave.

Is 99 a good place to shop in Quincy?

Shopped at 99 before in CA, super excited about this new (opened over a year ago) store in Quincy. This is my new happy places: so many Asian goodies and seafood at very decent price!! It has a huge selection of EVERYTHING and some of the rare to find stuff. Staff are all very friendly as well.

Is ranch 99 a good Chinese grocery store?

One of the things I've always loved about Ranch 99 is that this is your average person's go-to Chinese grocery store. Nothing is over priced. You can buy a big bag of gai-lan, bak choy, bean sprouts, pea sprouts, whatever for less than $5, which is awesome!

What is 99 Ranch known for?

Grocery: 99 Ranch is known for its unique Asian dry grocery selections, the most popular snacks, the authentic sauces, the convenient frozen products, you name it, we have it! Produce: 99 Ranch offers a wide range of fresh vegetables and fruits, sourced from locally and globally, all at competitive prices.

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