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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of 9 Chickweed Lane?

9 Chickweed Lane is an American comic strip written and drawn by Brooke McEldowney following the fortunes of the women of three generations of the Burber family – Edna, Juliette, and Edda – as they try to make their way in the world. 9 Chickweed Lane is the address of their former family home.

Who is the creator of 9 Chickweed Lane?

"Interview with '9 Chickweed Lane/Pibgorn' comics creator Brooke McEldowney". Stars and Celebs. Retrieved 28 January 2020. ^ a b c Coke, Travis Hedge (April 2, 2014).

What happened to chickweed?

It passed the scrutiny of features editors both in North America and abroad, also without hiccup. Then it appeared in print, and Sunday schools country wide were curtailed so their teachers might retire to restroom stalls and object in hyperventilating privacy. Chickweed was canceled forthwith, most noticeably at the Houston Chronicle.

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