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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Congress agree to monthly stimulus checks?

Stimulus Check Update: $2,000 Monthly Payments? Here's the Reality as of Today Never say never, but getting Congress to agree to monthly stimulus payments appears to be a long shot. There is currently a petition calling for Congress to pass a bill that would send a monthly $2,000 check to every eligible adult.

What happened to the $2,000 monthly stimulus check petition?

A petition for $2,000 monthly stimulus checks failed to reach its goal in 2021, but it added about 1.25 million signatures in the second year of the pandemic. Stephanie Bonin, a Denver restaurant owner, started the petition in March 2020 when businesses shut down to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Could $2K stimulus checks be available every month?

Unlike a one-time, $1,400 stimulus check, a proposal for $2,000 stimulus checks every month could be available until the economy is fully recovered. Rep Ilhan Omar (D-MN) tweeted last month: “We need $2,000 recurring checks until the end of the pandemic.

Are there any specific stimulus-check guidelines?

There aren't even any specific stimulus-check guidelines on the table. In fact, just this week the IRS was still continuing to send 2.3 million third stimulus check payments to eligible Americans, including some "plus-up" payments for people who received less money than they were entitled to.

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