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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some unique things about mercury?

One of the unusual things about the orbit of Mercury is that it is highly elliptical : The orbit of Mercury is the most eccentric of the planets in our Solar System. The planet has an orbital period of 87.969 Earth days.

Is Mercury a terrestrial planet?

Mercury is the smallest terrestrial planet in the solar system, about a third of the size of Earth. It has a thin atmosphere, which causes it to swing between burning and freezing temperatures. Mercury is also a dense planet, composed mostly of iron and nickel with an iron core.

What are the characteristics of mercury?

Physical Characteristics of Mercury. Mercury's large metallic core makes it much denser than the Moon and it is the most iron-rich planet in the solar system.Surrounding the metallic core is a rigid outer shell, or lithospheric mantle, that is about 500-600km thick.

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