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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the zones of regulation?

The Zones of Regulation creates a systematic approach to teach regulation by categorizing all the different ways we feel and states of alertness we experience into four concrete colored zones. Integrating in cognitive behavior therapy, students build skills in emotional and sensory regulation, executive functioning, and social cognition.

What is the zones of regulation by Michelle Garcia?

The Zones of Regulation: A Curriculum Designed to Foster Self-Regulation & Emotional Control Written and Created by Leah M. Kuypers, MA Ed., OTR/L Thinking Social Publishing (2011) Selected Lessons by Michelle Garcia Winner from her Social Thinking and ILAUGH program. Works that Influenced The ZONES

What are contingencies in ABA?

In ABA we talk a lot about contingencies. A contingency is the relationship between two events. We are particularly interested in how certain consequences (or reinforcers) are contingent on (or resulting from) specific behaviors. Social Thinking talks about contingencies too.

Is there a bundle of free zones of regulation printables?

I created this 22-page bundle of free zones of regulation printables to make it a bit simpler for people downloading a lot of items from this list. It contains all the freebies in the list, but you’ll also find some free printables exclusive to this bundle, such as “size of the problem” activities, and two different visuals of the four zones.

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