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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the zones of regulation program?

Well, in brief summation, the Zones of Regulation program is a curriculum or framework created by an occupational therapist, Leah Kuypers, which is designed to help a child navigate their sometimes confusing emotions.

How do you teach zones of regulation?

The key to successfully teaching the Zones of Regulation is to spend lots of time solidifying the Zones concepts through repetition and play-based learning activities. These Zones of Regulation activities and printables will help you do just that.

What are zones of regulation data collection tools?

We are excited to share a new set of Zones of Regulation Data Collection Tools that evaluate the development of regulation competencies and practices for both learners and educators/facilitators. These tools focus on the skills and learning targets taught within The Zones of Regulation curriculum.

What is included in the zones of regulation bundle?

This bundle provides all the books and games developed to teach students ages 5-18+ The Zones of Regulation curriculum with fidelity. It includes the core curriculum The Zones of Regulation, the 2-Storybook Set, two Tools to Try card decks for different age groups, the Navigating The Zones game, and its supplemental Advanced Pack.

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