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Frequently Asked Questions

What are facts about dwarf planets?

Some dwarf planets have their own moons. ...Currently, scientists believe there are about 250-260 celestial bodies in the outer Solar System, in the Kuiper belt, that can be classified as dwarf planets. ...All the dwarf planets known now have moons. ...They may even have an atmosphere. ...The largest dwarf planet known is Pluto. ...

How are dwarf planets different from actual planets?

This definition of a dwarf planet differentiates it from a planet on two criteria: unlike the dwarf planet, a planet has cleared the neighborhood around its orbit, and the definition of a planet does not include the satellite distinction.

Can you buy a dwarf planet?

Yes, it is only available once and you could be the owner. If you wish to purchase the entire dwarf planet, please contact the Lunar Embassy directly. The ONLY original!

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