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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does Chelsea v Brighton kick-off?

Chelsea v Brighton: Premier League – live! Premier League updates from the 7.30pm GMT kick-off Live scoreboard! Keep up with all the day’s goals and games Get in touch!

Is there a rush to judgement on Chelsea?

Any rush to judgement can make us look foolish. For a few games there, Chelsea were quickly being downgraded from title candidates to mere top four contenders. It was only a matter of time, they said, before Tommy T’s stuttering side would lose touch with the breakaway at the top and be sucked in by the peloton.

What's happened to Brighton and Watford?

As for visitors Brighton, they’re a mass of statistical contradictions. Graham Potter’s men have managed just one more win (five) than Watford (four) and yet have lost only once on the road. They gatecrashed the top four early in the season and then completely lost the ability to win games despite still playing quite well.

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