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Frequently Asked Questions

Were there any dinosaurs larger than T Rex?

There were many dinosaurs bigger than T. rex. Shantungosaurus was a hadrosaur (“duckbill” dinosaur) that was three meters (ten feet) longer than a Tyrannosaurus rex and weighed half again as much. Eotriceratops, a slightly bigger, slightly earlier version of Triceratops, was shorter (nine meters/30 feet), but slightly heavier.

Is a T Rex a carnivore?

The grand name comes directly from the fact that the T. Rex was most probably one of the largest and most terrifying carnivores of its time. The Tyrannosaurus a bipedal theropod was a part of the Tyrannosaurid family which existed in most parts of western North America as well as some parts of Asia.

Was T Rex actually a dragon?

Trex is actually dragon bones theory : STFUitsadragon. 9.7k members in the STFUitsadragon community. Dragons are real. The proof is here. Don’t believe “them” when they tell you dragons don’t exist. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Search within r/STFUitsadragon.

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