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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in T-Rex?

The Adventures of T-Rex: Created by Lee Gunther, Michael Wahl. With Michael Beattie, Michael Dobson, Alessandro Juliani, Garry Chalk.

What are the story lines in T-Rex?

Most of the story lines evolve about confortations between T-Rex and The Evil Corporation.The Evil Corporation are (dinosaur of course!) gangsters, and as you may already have guessed,moves in evil and criminal ways.

What is Rexy and the volcano?

VDOMDHTMLtml> Rexy and the Volcano - Funny Dinosaur Cartoon for Families - YouTube The adventures of Rexy, the cute little T-Rex in the Jurassic World of friendly Dinosaurs - a cinematic dinosaur animation series available exclusively on Yo...

What happened to T Rex?

Bolstering their style with soul music, funk and gospel, the band released Tanx in 1973 which reached the top 5 in several countries. From 1974, T. Rex's appeal began to wane, though the band continued releasing albums.

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