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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fitness Blender?

Fitness Blender offers hundreds of no-frills, no-fuss workouts so you can ~hiit~ the ground running. Run by husband-and-wife team Daniel and Kelli, Fitness Blender is a simple yet great channel. All of their videos are filmed with a white background so you can actually focus on what they're doing.

What is the 10 minute ABS and obliques workout?

This is a very quick but very effective 10 minute abs and obliques workout that you can do anywhere, anytime. The transition time between each move is quick; you will be shown a preview of the next upcoming exercise in the upper left hand corner of the screen, roughly ten seconds before that next interval starts. How many calories does this burn?

What are the best at-home workouts?

Fitness Blender Taught by husband and wife duo Daniel and Kelli Segars, Fitness Blender provides a wide array of at-home workouts ranging from high intensity interval training, cardio, Pilates, and strength training. 11. THENX Run by Chris Heria and his team of trainers, THENX provides a great way to help you get in better shape.

Who are the best YouTube fitness channels?

28 Free YouTube Fitness Channels to Keep You Moving. 1 1. Krissy Cela. If you’re looking to build muscle, strength, and gain confidence, then you’ll want to check out Krissy Cela on YouTube. She offers a ... 2 2. Jeff Nippard. 3 3. Whitney Simmons. 4 4. Omar Isuf. 5 5. Natacha Océane. More items

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