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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the youngest players in MLB right now?

The current MLB landscape is littered with exciting young stars. Fernando Tatis Jr. and Juan Soto were both among the 10 youngest active players in the majors leagues last season, while Ronald Acuna Jr. only recently graduated from that list himself.

How do you determine the youngest player in the majors?

Statistic Description: Youngest Player in Majors This is found using the player’s age at the start of the season regardless of their age when they actually played during the year. Rankings of Negro League players should consider that Negro League data is not complete.

Who is the best pitching prospect in the MLB?

RHP Luis Patino, Tampa Bay Rays Patino is one of baseball’s top pitching prospects, and while he made his MLB debut as a reliever, his future is in the starting rotation.

Is baseball a young man’s game?

Baseball is a young man's game. Gone are the days of 40-year-old MVPs and late career renaissances that seemed so prevalent in the last two decades of Major League Baseball.

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