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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Forget Your Friend's birthday?

Forget Your Friend's Birthday! Forget Your Friend's Birthday! Forget Your Friend's Birthday! is a comedy Roblox experience created by JayPlays_JP. The game makes fun of itself by calling it a rip-off of get a snack at 4 am (for which the gameplay is mainly inspired by) and Warm Isolation .

How do you send a puzzle to someone whose birthday you forgot?

It doesn’t have to be sappy or sentimental; something funny might be best for the person whose birthday you forgot. When you’re done, mail one piece (or more) of the puzzle every day to the other person. [2] Create "I’m Sorry" coupons.

Does Facebook remind you of your friends' birthdays?

Although Facebook reminds you of your “friends” birthdays, you have to log in regularly to get those reminders. Luckily, there are a variety of apps out there that can help you remember. Search for “birthday reminder” or “daily reminder.” Many cellphones also have internal calendars that allow you to set alerts and reminders.

How do you apologize for Missing Your Birthday?

Go to and order a National Day Wall Calendar. When you get it, circle July 2nd and write a personalized apology for missing his or her birthday. Ask the person over for dinner at your place on July 2. If he or she can’t do dinner, try lunch.

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