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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yelp and how does it work?

How Yelp Works. One of the more popular social networking sites that focuses on reviewing businesses and sharing information about them is Founded in 2004 in San Francisco, Calif., the Web site is like a large online bulletin board featuring user-generated content, all geared toward personal reviews based on experiences at local businesses.

Do people still use Yelp?

Looking to the year ahead, it seems that Yelp's popularity and use as a resource for consumer reviews and recommendations will continue to rise. Consumers have more choices for service providers than ever before and they are looking for their perfect fit online.

How much does Yelp cost?

According to A review of Yelp's services by a real business that has used Yelp's Basic Listing, "Enhanced Profile" and "Yelp Deals", the Enhanced Profile through Yelp costs, at its lowest entry level fee, $300 per month (US).

What's the problem with Yelp?

#Yelp @runfast4fun The problem with #Yelp is that the business model is fundamentally wrong. Ratings and reviews are fraudulently manipulated. Customers can't be sure that what they're seeing is a true and accurate representation of the public's opinion of a businesses products and services.

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