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Frequently Asked Questions

Which rentcafe CRM products work with enensure?

Ensure complete data consistency with a suite of products specifically designed to work together with RentCafe CRM Flex: Yardi Voyager, RentCafe and RentCafe Connect.

What does Yardi do for real estate?

Since then, Yardi has grown dramatically to become the leading provider of software solutions for the real estate industry. What real estate asset classes does Yardi serve? Our solutions increase efficiency and reduce costs for a global client base of public, private and nonprofit organizations.

What is Yardi senior living suite?

Unite senior living communities and caregivers to ensure the best possible care for your residents with the Yardi Senior Living Suite. Grow revenue, reduce costs, gain insight and improve customer service by managing assets and operations on one platform. Centralize compliance, operations, finance, maintenance and more.

How can rentcafe CRM flex help me manage my lease?

Stay in touch with residents throughout the entire lease lifecycle. Use the automated resident follow-up tools in RentCafe CRM Flex to increase satisfaction during move-in, move-out, lease renewal and maintenance requests.

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