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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose XLR8?

From design for manufacturability, assembly to order fulfillment, you can count on XLR8 for every step in the assembly process. We are a company based in San Clemente, California that focuses on servicing the engineering community with a core focus on supporting speed and technology in electronic assemblies.

What is xlxlr8 driving school?

XLR8 Driving School is an easy to use Online Course, Permit Test & Drivers Education App! Our Driver's Ed Program is a Texas-Approved Course, available Online or In-App.

What happened to xxlr-8?

XLR-8 closed along with the rest of the park on October 30, 2005, and was later demolished. A portion of the trains were sent to Six Flags Magic Mountain for use on Ninja. ^ "Astroworld to introduce new coaster".

How fast can xxlr8 accelerate?

XLR8 can manipulate friction to reach speeds of 500 miles per hour within two seconds. He can accelerate so quickly that time appears to completely stop to him, allowing him to change the positions of things around him while they are moving.

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