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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an USB microphone?

A USB microphone is a microphone that is designed for use in a personal computer or laptop and utilizes the “plug and play” technology that is associated with USB ports.

Can you plug a microphone into a guitar amp?

Microphones can be plugged into a guitar amp if they have the correct type of jack. Examine the plug at the end of your microphone. If it looks like the plug at the end of your guitar chord (a 1/4 inch jack) you can plug it straight into your amp. If it has a larger plug with three visible metal prongs on the inside it is an XLR connector.

What is a XLR connector?

The XLR connector is a style of electrical connector, primarily found on professional audio, video, and stage lighting equipment. The connectors are circular in design and have between 3 and 7 pins.

What are XLR cables?

XLR cables are balanced cables. They have circular connectors with three pins--positive, negative and ground. Essentially, they are the same as a Tip Ring Sleeve (TRS) cable. The only difference is the type of connector--TRS cables look like standard-jack cables.

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