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Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to AMD stock when it merges with Xilinx?

Since AMD and Xilinx are both public companies, they will be combining the stock under the AMD ticker. For every one share of Xilinx stock that an investor owns, they'll get 1.7234 AMD stock. This leaves AMD shareholders with a 74 percent stake in the merged company, with Xilinx shareholders claiming the remaining 26 percent.

What are the terms of the AMD-Xilinx deal?

Under the terms of the agreement, Xilinx stockholders will receive a fixed exchange ratio of 1.7234 shares of AMD common stock for each share of Xilinx common stock they hold at the closing of the transaction. Based on the exchange ratio, this represents approximately $143 per share of Xilinx common stock 2.

Who is the CEO of AMD and Xilinx?

Dr. Lisa Su will lead the combined company as CEO. Xilinx President and CEO, Victor Peng, will join AMD as president responsible for the Xilinx business and strategic growth initiatives, effective upon closing of the transaction. In addition, at least two Xilinx directors will join the AMD Board of Directors upon closing.

How does amdamd's (AMD) earnings compare to Xilinx (Xil) stock?

AMD's most recent earnings report shows a 93 percent revenue boost YoY and a 221 percent increase in EPS. Meanwhile, the latest earnings for Xilinx show a 13 percent YoY revenue increase and a 15 percent increase in EPS.

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