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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the AMD-Xilinx merger mean for AMD shareholders?

It is reported that after the merger of AMD and Xilinx, AMD's existing shareholders will own 74% of the company's shares, while Xilinx's existing shareholders own another 26% of the shares.

What is AMD’s deal with Xilinx worth?

AMD announced the deal in October 2020. It is an all-stock merger, with XLNX shareholders receiving 1. 7234 shares of AMD for each XLNX share. At current pre-market levels, that would be worth roughly $251/share for Xilinx, vs. its current share price of $210. 2, a 19% spread.

Is AMD's acquisition of arm a bigger deal than Nvidia's?

With only China remaining, AMD's acquisition has surpassed the acquisition of British chip design company Arm ltd. by GPU rival Nvidia. Compared with AMD's transaction, NVIDIA has a broader acquisition range because Arm is ubiquitous in the modern computing ecosystem.

Should AMD consider a deal similar to Intel's Altera?

Some people are considering a deal similar to Intel's acquisition of Altera at the end of 2015 because the deal has been approved by China. AMD is optimistic about this transaction and stated in a statement to Seeking Alpha that it expects the transaction to be completed by the end of this year.

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