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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AMD actually getting from the Xilinx deal?

As a reminder, each Xilinx shareholder will get 1.7234 shares of AMD for every share of Xilinx they own. As of this writing, Xilinx's market cap is at just over $36 billion (to AMD's nearly $128 billion). So what is AMD actually getting from this deal? Image source: Getty Images.

What does the AMD-Xilinx merger mean for the industry?

The combination will create the industry’s leading high performance computing company, significantly expanding the breadth of AMD’s product portfolio and customer set across diverse growth markets where Xilinx is an established leader.

What does the Xilinx deal mean for the company’s business?

For Xilinx’s part, president and CEO Victor Peng said the deal will help speed up the growth of its data center business and “enable us to pursue a broader customer base across more markets.” He’ll be a president in charge of the Xilinx business at the combined company, which Su will lead as CEO.

Who is the CEO of Xilinx now?

Xilinx President and CEO, Victor Peng, will join AMD as president responsible for the Xilinx business and strategic growth initiatives, effective upon closing of the transaction. In addition, at least two Xilinx directors will join the AMD Board of Directors upon closing.

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