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Frequently Asked Questions

When will AMD's acquisition of Xilinx xlnx close?

Advanced Micro Devices' AMD all-stock deal to acquire peer Xilinx XLNX is anticipated to close in the first quarter of 2022 delayed from the prior target of 2021 end. AMD has made this strategic transaction with an aim to strengthen the company's technology portfolio and expand its rapidly growing data center business amid strong competition.

When is the AMD-Xilinx merger finalized?

The AMD-Xilinx merger is expected to be finalized before the end of 2021. On April 7, AMD and Xilinx stockholders will meet virtually to vote on the acquisition proposal.

What does the AMD-Xilinx deal mean for AMD stock?

The AMD-Xilinx transaction is going through in an all-stock deal worth $35 billion. That's an aggregate total for the combined entity, but AMD carries the majority of that weight. Since AMD and Xilinx are both public companies, they will be combining the stock under the AMD ticker.

Who will be the CEO of AMD after the merger?

Current AMD shareholders will have 74 percent of the newly formed company, while Xilinx shareholders will have 26 percent of the shares. AMD has been led by CEO Lisa Su since 2014.

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